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Institute of Integrative Chi Kung for Beauty and Health |  Canada

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All donations are used to further educate the community on Integrative Health Care alternatives:


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Integrating Health, Success and Wealth
for the 21st Century

Education of Energy Management
via Research and Practice in Canada.

Learn Integrative Chi Kung, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Shen Kung &
Nutrition to regenerate, reduce stress and increase health


People find us because they have come to understand how powerful the minds are and how they transform positive and negative actions.

Miracles happen every day.
It is time for you to live your own beautiful dreams.

We are incredibly passionate about helping others achieve success in record time. There are so many wonderful things to do in life and this is the first step.

The Philosophy of Kojosho embraces the inseparable bond between martial application and
artistic expression. In war, the soul becomes the warrior. In peace, the soul becomes the artist.

Life is too short not to make the best
and the most of everything
that comes your way everyday!


Energy exists in all things. Through the application of techniques obstacles are eliminated and changes become real. We give you knowledge, tools and guide to help you become the master of your own life.

You are fortunate that your wisdom can grasp the profound methods to achieve health, success and wealth. This is your choice.

Take Control of your Education,
your Happiness and your Health!

BEAUTY is only the reflection of HEALTH!


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"Some lives are linked across time connected by
an ancient calling that echoes through the ages."